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Dental Fillings in Marlborough, MA

If you just found out that you have a cavity, you may be wondering how we plan to treat the issue. Fortunately, through routine cleanings every six months we are more likely to detect these issues when they are only a slight inconvenience rather than a serious problem. Having a cavity is no fun but a dental filling can restore the tooth after decay has been removed. Your Marlborough, MA dentist can help you with this issue.

Dental Cavity Fillings Marlborough MA

What Is The Purpose Of A Dental Filling?
A dental filling uses special material to fill the spaces where decay has been removed to restore the tooth to its nature appearance and strength. While the tooth-colored resin used for a dental filling may also be used for purely cosmetic reasons such as hiding a small discoloration, chip or gap between your teeth, in most cases a dental filling is used to treat a cavity.

What Is The Process Of Using A Dental Filling To Treat A Cavity? 
If you have a cavity the first thing we will need to do is remove the decay. Once we have checked to make sure all decay has been removed then we will begin to rebuild the tooth using a dental filling.

What Is A Dental Filling Made From?
As you may already know, a dental filling can be made from different materials. For purely aesthetic reasons, most patients opt for tooth-colored fillings made from composite resin. If you choose a tooth-colored filling we can choose the shade of the resin to match the tooth so that the dental filling isn’t visible. Of course, metal fillings are still used today because they are more resilient than even tooth-colored fillings and can be a better option for molars and back teeth, which take on more force and pressure from the jaws when chewing and speaking.

What If I Am Getting A Composite Resin Filling?
If you are getting a composite resin filling we will apply the moldable resin in layers. Each layer will then be hardened immediately using a special dental light. We will continue to apply layer after layer until the tooth is completely filled. Once the last layer is hardened we may still need to trim the filling before giving it a final polish.

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